Saturday, October 16, 2010

SASUKE 2011: First Look?

Let's see...Many big guests coming? Could be the American Ninja Warrior people. Or someone else? Let the speculation run rampant.

Actually,  I think that for him to say big guests probably means that lots of celebrities coming in. The ANW people are important to the world of SASUKE but in the world of Japanese entertainment they are blip on the radar.

Also note the title of the post: SASUKE 2011. Looks like another New Year's show? Personally, that is the best case scenario. The pressure to produce high ratings is off because the show will just be your usual holiday filler or time-killer. But where will that leave Sportsman No. 1?


Anonymous said...

That screenshot is awesome! Let's see... I see... AN AUDIENCE BLEACHER. And... A TOWER. That much be the final tower, or some new Stage 2 tower climbing obstacle.

I think I see a Car near the starting line, looks like they're way heavily incentivizing Sasuke.

I see a van too. Could they be doing Pro Sportsman-esque Van/Car Pulls? That'll be quite a time sink!

This picture, as small as it is, is so detailed!

Arsenette said...

Thanks Ube :) Boy I need to catch up on things.. I'm soooo doing that tomorrow..