Monday, January 01, 2007

スポーツマンNo.1決定戦XXXIV! Paul Anthony Terek beats a lot of Japanese guys and wins a Nissan Skyline!

Results from the 34th Sportsman No. 1 (最強の男は誰だ!筋肉バトル!! スポーツマンNo.1決定戦XXXIV) program on TBS.
6th - 315 points - 赤田将吾 Akada Shougo
5th - 330 points - 永井大 Nagai Masaru
4th - 385 points - 宮崎大輔 Miyazaki Daisuke
3rd - 390 points - 池谷直樹 Iketani Naoki
2nd - 435 points - 木下典明 Kinoshita Noriaki
1st - 470 points - ポール A テレック Paul ANTHONY Terek (They kept saying his middle name for some reason)

Event Results
Beach Flags: Iketani Naoki 池谷直樹
Burn Out Guys: Kinoshita Noriaki 木下典明
Monster Box: Iketani Naoki 池谷直樹
Power Force: Paul ANTHONY Terek
25: Paul ANTHONY Terek
Tail Impossible: Paul ANTHONY Terek
Shotgun Touch: Kinoshita Noriaki/Akada Shougo (tie) 木下典明/赤田将吾

There was also the Power Battle between bigger athletes.
4th - 110 points - 斉藤祐也/石田力哉 Saitou Yuya/Ishida Rikiya (tie)
3rd - 170 points - 把瑠都 Baruto
2nd - 190 points - 琴光喜 Kotomitsuki
1st - 240 points - 朝青龍 Asashouryuu

Event Results
Spin Out - Kotooushuu 琴欧洲
The Tug of War - Kotomitsuki 琴光喜
Gallon Throw - Asashouryuu/Sasaki Kensuke 朝青龍/佐々木健介 (tie)

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