Monday, January 01, 2007

DJ OZMA and the 2006 Kōhaku Uta Gassen

Okay, my favorite thing of 2006 just happened during the annual Kōhaku Uta Gassen.
First of all..
This is DJ Ozma.
Prior to the Kohaku Ozma had promised to do something people would remember. This is a guy who regular disrobes and drops his pants during TV performances. Well...

So Ozma flies around like he's Peter Pan. Amusing but not really something all that memorable. But wait..


Remember, this is on NHK.

Yup, during the performance all the background dancers disrobed. (And yeah, that's a clown in the back.)

The old man in the middle is Saburo Kitajima, an enka singer who publically criticized Ozma for wanting to do something possibly too risque for such an important event.

All this pretty much left Red team captain Yukie Nakama speechless.

And a bit later this NHK announcer had to come out to assure viewers that the dancers were wearing body stockings and were not actually nude on stage..on live TV...on one of the most watched programs in Japan...on what is supposed to be a government funded TV station.

Yeah...I know..



Ken said...

I can't believe he pulled it when I was out of I missed it...would have been great to see. Thanks for the pics.

YoYoYo said...

I think NHK is just trying to trick us all into getting Hi-Vision...
(of course then the bodysuit reality would be a let-down...*sniff*)

lostinube said...

ken - Actually, I missed initially (I was watching K-1 at the time) but I was taping it. A friend told me about it and I also caught the announcers clarification.

yoyoyo - NHK was blatantly trying to drive up viewership this year. And yeah, I'm not entirely sure ALL the dancers were wearing bodysuits. Some are quite obvious but others taking some close analysis. Not that I looked really closely or anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Those are not body stockings. They are naked. I can see certain unmentionable body parts. I saw the Google video. Shame.