Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Following Quake Coverage

NHK World
NHK World on Ustream
NHK World on Niconico
NHK (Japanese)
NHK on Niconico
TBS (JNN) on Ustream
TBS (JNN) on Youtube
Yokoso News
(All of the above links are live streams)
TV Asahi News Network on Youtube (Not live but they put up updates at intervals)

AJW by the Asahi Shimbun on facebook
The Japan Times Online
The Stars and Stripes
Government Quake Information
NHK Updates on Fukushima Daiichi and Daini (Japanese)
People I'm following on Twitter:
Michael Gakuran
Tokyo Reporter
Roy Berman (Mutant Frog)
Noriyuki Shikata (Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Public Relations, Director of Global Communications at Prime Minister's Office of Japan)
Matt Alt
Hiroko Tabuchi

Twitter has yet again proven to be an invaluable resource for getting the latest news. All of the accounts I've listed are tweeting in English but they are taking their information straight from Japanese news.

In Yamaguchi news, the first Disaster Medical Assistance Teams have come back after assisting in Iwate.

Also, The Chugoku Electric Power Company (Energia) has decided to temporarily halt construction of their nuclear power plant in Kaminoseki at the request of the local government. They had recently started a reclamation project in the area.

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Arsenette said...

Your skills have been invaluable to us. Thanks for sifting through all the information and placing it in one place for us to find. Thank you so much!