Tuesday, August 10, 2010

KTLA Story on ANW

I generally ignore the ANW stuff because I can't get G4 here but here's a story from KTLA that is worth posting if only to mock it:

1) Mt. Midoriyama?
3) Nice try with the voice syncing KTLA.
4) Kane Kosugi is American. Don't tell me G4 is going to make it look like Levi and Brian are the Greatest American Heroes.


Arsenette said...

... lol Greatest American Hero.. (now I got that song stuck in my head. Yeah.. G4 likes rewriting history making it look like no American has ever made it to the final.

That and the other fails made this video laughable.

MindOfCrazyPerson222 said...

What annoys me is that, for some reason, all game shows that air in prime time are automatically called reality shows. Sasuke is not a reality show. It's a game show! There's a difference people!