Monday, April 05, 2010

SASUKE Challenger

Monster 9 and some company named SEAMS have come out with a new iPod/iPhone game called SASUKE Challenger. Unlike the SASUKE 23 Library application, this one seems to be available outside of Japan.

The game uses the stages from SASUKE 24 and there is a world wide ranking system that I haven't logged onto yet.

It involves lots of tilting.

You can save your runs for later viewing:

1st Stage. Time limit 170 game seconds.

At the time I got the game, the one comment mentioned how the character sort of looks like Katsumi Yamada. Despite that, I was still able to pass the 1st Stage.

2nd Stage. Time limit 160 game seconds.

Yes. They use the same music over and over for the entire game.

3rd Stage. Time limit 220 game seconds.

Final Stage. Time limit 80 game seconds.

I enjoyed the apparent "Do or die" aspect of the Final Stage.

iTunes store
Maker with commercial and "tiltorials"

Dear Monster 9,

A certain word in the game is spelled with a "u."


Arsenette said...

Wow thanks for the in depth review of it! I was curious as to how it played and looked like. Much better to see it in action.

Arsenette said...

LOL just reread it :p Love the Yamada dig.. ahahahahhaha

SASUKE Jr. said...

you are good worker!!
i shuld buy it!