Friday, October 02, 2009

KUNOICHI 2009 Obstacles KUNOICHI 2009 障害物

KUNOICHI 2009 Obstacles via MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting).

The Japanese is from MBS. I'm pretty sure all the pronunciation and names I wrote are wrong but whatever. I Monster9 changes them but whatever.


1st Stage
Groups of four have to go through seven areas. The top two advance.

1.不安走 Fuansou Uneasy Race
2.丸太橋 Marutabashi Log Bridge
3.吊天棒 Tsurutenbou Suspended Pole
4.鉄条網 Tetsujoumou Wire Entanglement
5.舞乱跳 Mairantobu Swinging Jump
6.筏渡し Ikadawatashi Raft Transfer
7.昇網壁 Noburoamikabe Net Wall Climb


The repechage!
After the groups of four, people will be on a turntable for twenty seconds then they have to cross a 50 centimeter beam bridge.

2nd ステージ

2nd Stage
One by one.
The contestants have to go through six areas and reach the goal to move on to the 3rd Stage.

1.大跳躍 Daichouyaku Giant Leap
2.三連跳 Sanrentobu Triple Jump
3.舞踊石 Buyouishi Dancing Stones
4.倒連板 Tourenita Board Walk
5.円柱乗 Enchujou Barrel Roll
6.舞乱道 Mairanmichi Swinging Road


Third Stage
The contestants will use a trampoline to jump over a pole until only three are left.


Final Stage
The fifteen meter Survival Climb. They clear if they complete it in the given time.

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Arsenette said...

Wow.. that's just so different than the original.. Man this is going to be a disaster for us who actually preferred the Sasuke format of one up one down. It's like they are channeling Takeshi's Castle AND Celebrity Viking!!